CAD-CAM Subperiosteal Implant Engl.


Over the years, Dr. Poitras has created techniques, devices and processes for this specific purpose, such as the Poitras Surgical Template, the Poitras Stitch for better sutures, the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantTM, etc.

Since the 1990s, Dr. Poitras has improved the surfaces of subperiosteal implants for better osseointegration and to prevent possible infections. The impressive success of Dr. Poitras' subperiosteal implants still mouths and in good health after more than two decades, has led him to push further their improvements in order to make them easier to use and to guarantee reliable prognosis.


A new generation of subperiosteal implants

Dr. Poitras has created a new generation of subperiosteal implants with his partner Panthera Dental, using a CAD-CAM process from the patients’ CBCT-SCANs and based on their optimal prosthetic treatment plans, the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantsTM. Made to measure for the patients, they have an unmatched designed precision and their restorations are simple. Dr. Poitras has perfected the surfaces and refined the design of the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantsTM arches and supports to such an extent that these subperiosteal implants often become endosseous after healing.

The CII to learn and master

The Canadian Implant Institute is among the first and few in the world to offer theoretical and practical training on subperiosteal implants since its foundation. This is the perfect place to learn the theory (diagnosis, treatment planning, prostheses, etc.) and to master and get a certification on the surgical aspects of subperiosteal implants and be able to offer the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantsTM treatment alternative to your patients and be allowed to order them from Panthera Dental.