CAD-CAM Subperiosteal Implant Engl.

The CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantTM complies with the Canadian Medical Devices Regulations, the European Medical Devices Directive and the requirements of International Standard ISO 13485: 2016

The solution in one surgery

The CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantTM is designed and manufactured from the CBCT-SCAN of the patient and based on the optimal prosthetic treatment plan. Once this information has been sent to Panthera Dental, the design of the implant is done virtually and then engineered into a titanium block. This process excludes inaccuracies, because no impressions of the bone can be as precise. As a result, the procedure is done quickly, and requires only one surgery.


Adaptation, ideal fixation and osseointegration

The perfect compliance and design of the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantTM facilitates its insertion, fixation and initial stability. Made of titanium alloy, the one common for root form implants, Ti 6Al 4V, the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantTM osseointegrate to the bone.

Optimization of the macro-design

The biological design of the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantTM, also called macro-design, promotes guided bone regeneration and optimal osseointegration. It often becomes covered with bone (endosseous) after healing. The shape of the supporting arches is also carefully studied and designed to optimize the osseointegrated implant support of the prosthesis.


Simple prosthetic restoration techniques

Based on the optimal prosthetic treatment plan to meet the patient's demands and oral conditions, the CAD-CAM Subperiosteal ImplantTM is even easier to restore than root form implants.